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Since I was young, I have always collected vintage maps and items. I was in love with the worn and lived items and especially maps, as they told a story of a different time. Taking inspiration from my travels across different parts of the world for holidays and previous work trips, I quickly began to have a growing collection of my hand illustrated maps to show case in an upcoming exhibition which grew from there.


Now creating bespoke art pieces for other peoples travels and connection to their homes, has been one of the most rewarding parts of my job as an artist. Hearing people’s stories and creating something from a memory is something pretty special. I feel like it's a collaboration between the traveller and I - travel maps are such a sacred part of our travels too. Perhaps we don't often share all the little secret spots, but I feel pretty lucky to be in the know and bring it all to life for the receiver

If you're interested in a one-off piece, please get in touch.

Please email the details of the artwork you would like, ideal size and the deadline to  

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