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People of Places. Self Intro

An intro to a bit about myself and how I came to do what I do. My name is Adrianne or Age (for short) - the artist behind Atlas The Collective. I’ve always loved vintage maps and vintage finds of all kinds really. From my teens I have been collecting vintage maps, books, typewriter, wine barrels, old telephone, suitcases, fruit crates. You name it - my mum was on my case to throw away the clutter.

As I travelled I collected little things from places that I loved. Like a map, beer coaster,

napkins, packaging or other little things - which I still have in my travel journal buried under more books somewhere. At University, I really got into collecting maps and old books with maps. Two of my favourite projects was a travel guide through Europe with a collection of old vintage maps and imagery. The other a small book of made up travel stories with corresponding image of people favourite travel stories. Pretty much what Atlas Journal and People of Place is all about.

During this time, I had this idea combining two great loves. I wanted to design a surfboard called the Surf Atlas. It was going to have a map of the world along the bottom and a

compass on the top. A board to take with you on all your road trips and travels abroad.

I thought of different maps I'd love to inlay on the board but decided if I wanted to create this board - I wanted to illustrate it all myself from scratch. And so I did. A few years later I finally illustrated the World Atlas I wanted to - inspired by an old 1700’s nautical map. It wasn’t quite as accurate to current day but that’s what I loved about it. It was not quite right, unfinished in places but such an amazing piece of history of that time. That's what I loved about maps. The old ones, the ones a little crappy and ragged. They truly lived.

I loved the process of combining those two loves and found I’d get lost in drawing these pieces. I already drew a lot of lines within lines and dots with my style of drawing, so when I was illustrating maps it was a natural progression. It gave me drive to complete more, discover more and loved researching different places. I continued illustrating maps of different places I had been and scenes of my travels. As I travelled more over the years, I illustrated more and more which eventually led to commissions of other peoples travels and their stories. I was working full time as the Womens Senior Graphic Designer in the Marketing Department at Rip Curl. A role that allowed me to create, travel to some really amazing places and aligned with love of travel and surf culture.

As new commissions came in, I was at this fork in the road where things were growing for Atlas so decided to take the leap. In that same leap, moved from Torquay in Victoria to Byron Bay and have been illustrating ever since. Creating new illustrations for myself and other peoples maps of their travels. Which has been one of the best parts of this all. Hearing people’s stories, creating something from a memory is something pretty special and surprised myself with how much I've loved to do. So here’s to me returning the favour and sharing some of my stories, inspirations and travels.

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