Print Personalisation

Print Personalisation

Personalise your print with some spots labelled out of that special trip, destination wedding/proposal or even the new place to call home. Scroll down to see all the personalisations available.


    Add the amount of personalisations to your cart and include the names, date and places you wish personalised when making your purchase in the notes in the cart area.

    Example: If you would like 6 places labelled on your print, add 6 City Personalisation items to your cart and in the comments, please comment the names of places like so...


    John & Hannah








    If you have one place that you would like an icon with, please shoot that listing and add to your cart. The best way is to add the print and the personalisation to your cart, and then in your cart change the amount at that stage before making payment.


    © Artwork remains the copyright of Adrianne Dimitrakakis and may not be reproduced in any way. Purchasing a print or the original artwork does not entitle you the rights to do so. Thank you!

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    Before making your purchase, personalisation please allow 7 days to process the order before it's sent out to you. Personalisations are an ADDITIONAL option to an already existing map print. Map prints are limited edition prints from an original artwork that will have most capital cities labelled, I cannot remove existing labelled cities, only add more cities/countries to the map artwork.


    Please scroll through the all the images of your print you wish personalise, to see the detail of the map and ensure your happy with it then add to cart along with this personalisation listing. I cannot give a refund once a print has been personalised.


    Thank you for understanding.